How Integrated Marketing Can Streamline Your Work?

A powerful marketing module integrated into Acumatica cloud ERP can effectively support businesses with financial and content management. This can help manage extensive leads, boost conversions, evaluate campaign performance, and enhance overall productivity, acquiring data from web forms, advertisements, purchased lists, events, direct mails, and other relevant sources.

Key Benefits of Integrated Marketing for your Company

Integrated Document Management

Offers full access to email templates, contract templates, pictures, documents, price lists, & more through a holistic approach. Maintain document history, records for each contract...

Reliable HubSpot Integration

It allows easy integration of HubSpot into Acumatica CRM to manage valuable data between different systems that helps to automate routine tasks and marketing operations for saving time, increasing productive efficiency...

Lead Capturing and List Management

You can capture leads from your website, trade shows, purchased lists, and manual data entries. You can also navigate, combine, and manage lists with pre-set criteria or automatically...

Email Marketing

Build email templates for managing newsletters, direct interactions, and email campaigns to allow consistent marketing and communication within the organisation. Also, you can deliver monthly updates to specific lists...

Important Features of Integrated Marketing

Lifecycle Management

Through a single system, you can track clients and offer a marketing team with a detailed history of prospects to prevent confusion, orders and see a consistent increase in conversion rates.

Financial Application Integration

Rich marketing capabilities effectively combined with billing and financial data to help identify campaign response rates and the overall profitability of each campaign.

Online Marketing

You can easily customise landing pages and capture leads from the website, a Google ad, direct mail, or other quality sources.

Segmentation Tools

Advanced segmentation tools allow you to accumulate information on multiple lead types to define custom attributes and efficiently target a wider market.

Campaign Management

Monitor revenues and expenses linked with campaigns, developed with specific lists or criteria from a range of prospects, contacts, leads, and customers.

Dashboards and Favorites

You can make announcements for marketing managers to meet their precise needs more effectively. Default dashboards capture real-time information for better collaboration and data management in tabular or graphical formats.

Partnership Marketing

You can give captured leads to a parent account within an organisation or external resources. Email directly brings you closer to partner or empowers partners to view information within a centralised system.

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